Our Story

Workshop started out as a simple idea: To build furniture in the City of Detroit from lumber reclaimed from Detroit's vacant and abandoned building stock. We work closely with Detroit deconstruction crews to rescue valuable old-growth structural pine destined for the landfill. This lumber is what we use to fabricate all of our pieces at Workshop. Essentially, we are giving this old-growth lumber a third life.

Every Workshop reclaimed wood furniture piece is handcrafted by us in the city using old growth structural pine salvaged from Detroit homes. In order to preserve and celebrate its place in Detroit’s history, each piece of Workshop furniture is stamped with the street address of the abandoned house or building where the lumber was reclaimed from, preserving and celebrating a rich legacy.

Since we opened in December, 2013, we have designed, built and sold to individuals, top interior designers, architects, and some of the nation's largest corporations. These sales include farmhouse style dining tables, reclaimed wood dining tables, reclaimed wood coffee tables, reclaimed wood benches, entertainment centers, kitchen countertops, shelving units, reclaimed wood wall treatments and much more.